Монос Сургууль

Monos School

Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences named “Monos College” was established in March 22, 2000 upon the≠63 order of Minister of education, culture and sciences /MECS/ and soon after July 20, 2004 ≠238 order of MECS and expanded and changed the name as “Monos University”.

Our university was awarded one the top 6 universities, integrated “Training Research and manufacturing”. Upon the Education Accreditation National Association order of Nov 20, 2006 our University became accredited school. The 2nd accreditation was completed in 2014. With the minister decree ≠A/80 of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science in 05 March, 2015, the institute was renamed and expanded as Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

There are 3 buildings, 6 departments, modern equipped 4 lecture halls, 11 labs and 18 classrooms in Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 30% of lecturers are doctors, 90% of them are masters. We have prepared more than 1000 pharmacist and assistant pharmacists so far. We provided free internet environment, online reading hall, linguaphone cabinet, internship pharmacy, drug technology lab, museum of medicinal plants, and sport hall. Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences collaborates with Austria, German, Korea, and Russian Universities and furthermore we have just started 3+2 that cooperated with IUK, Korea.

Name: Algaa Mangal

Profession: Goods Management and Trade Organization

Position: Director, Monos University

Graduated university, year: Mongolian National University, 1975

Academic degree: Master of Economic, University of Marxism and Leninism, 1986

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