Advanced Training School


Firstly “Monos” college received an authorization certificate of short and long term –postgraduate training according to the assembly’s decision №5 of Medical specialists’ development’s board meeting on October 1, 2014.

Medical Academy of Russian Federation, which has postgraduate trainings and branch of Ministry of Health and association of “Medicine” held an initial joint training from December 6 till December 8 in 2012 and as named training by “Urgent problems of modern medicines” was held there. “Monos” college was officially named “Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical sciences”/MUPS/ according to the decree of Minister of “Ministry of Education, Culture and Science” of Mongolia, as well as affiliated schools of MUPS were founded as stated in session of board members №14-15/03 on March 16th, 2015. Postgraduate schools of MUPS were established on 16th of March, 2016.

Purpose of School:

The purpose is determined to educate specialists, pharmacists who are skillful, well educated, experienced and oriented in medical field as well as to advance through unlimited trainings among them. There are two major trainings in short and long period in this school nowadays such as:

  • Clinical study of Pharmacology
  • Management and organization of Pharmacology

Since Academic school had established it has been successfully educating the following trainings in joint with “MUPS”, “Monos” group, “Monos Pharm Trade” and “Pharm Garant”:

  • Proper usage of medicine
  • Modern orientation of Antibiotics’ usage
  • Respiratory diseases, some new medicines and their proper usage for allergy and ear, nose and throat
  • Issue of preventing leukemia on pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • Pain management
  • Allergy and its reason, fortune illness and its remedy
  • Common respiratory diseases and their diagnosis, remedy and preventions
  • Urinary infections and its remedy

Our school contracted with “Monos” PharmTrade and have been organizing crucial trainings and discussing urgent problems among staffs and specialists for a year.

Also we have started a joint training with “Monos” Ulaanbaatar

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