Introduction of Graduate School

Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences started to implement Pharmaceutical Sciences and Traditional Medicines curricula to Masters level and Doctors pharmacological training curricula from 2015-2016.

The academic School of MUPS was officially founded and has been running its activities since March 2015.

The Academic School is responsible for improving the quality and (results/findings) of scientific studies by postgraduate and Doctoral candidates, implementing curricula and scientific research programs. The Academic School is also in charge of developing the foreign affairs of MUPS as well as publishing and editing the magazine “Mongolian Pharmacy and Pharmacology”.

Primary Function and Responsibilities of the Academic School:

  • Leading theoretical and scientific seminars (monthly)
  • Organising professional English Language lectures and maintaining speeches in English (weekly)
  • Promoting every teacher to record information on: “Teachers scientific research (found/discovered)” and arrange for this to be recorded and renewed/reviewed each semester (ensure teachers submit this)
  • Organising International and National scientific conferences
  • Ensuring teachers and students participate in International and National conferences and provide assistance to them
  • Attending activities of international professional associations according to memberships


Building 1, MUPS, Sonsgolon road, SonginoKhairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar

Telephone: 976-70174640, 976-99045646

Fax: 976-70174640

Post: Post box 10, Ulaanbaatar-37


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