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Message from the Director

We have graduated more than 1000 alumni in the medical field since Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 2000. Not only educating pharmacists but also we have a lot of scientific studies discover and manufacture new products.
Founder Monos Group, University administration constantly tries to improve the students’ studying environment and places to have an internship. For instance, drug research institute, drug, beauty and food product manufacturing factories and International Drug Manufacturing Complex adequate the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard will open its operation soon.

You can be sure that will be great opportunity for our students to have an internship in the International Drug Manufacturing Complex. I am delighted that you are considering studying pharmacy at the Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am very proud of our School; as you will see from this brochure, we have excellent staff, teaching and research facilities, laboratories as well as factories. These combine to make great place to study. The school is friendly, welcoming and inclusive and will give you every opportunity to achieve your full potential as an undergraduate and graduate.

Professor TSERENDULAM Luvsandorj Ph.D
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