Academic affairs department


Academic administration of MUPS consists of three members, a Head of Academic administration, an educational manager and an assistant staff.

Academic affairs::

1. Constantly develop curriculums and lesson plans due to training policy, innovative educational laws and laws of health
2. Implement curriculums and organize permanent trainings due to approved schedules
3. Control contents and technology of study and intensify trainings’ development
4. Control and approve curriculums, thematic plan and its implementation
5. Constantly advance by latest information and news due to up-to-date study’s information on school teachers and administration staffs
6. Arrange school’s enrollment activity and graduating ceremonies, deliver and report of trainings and news of trainings at particular time
7. Enhance teachers’ knowledge, help them to develop themselves and operate teachers’ labor assessment and a year labor’s evaluation
8. Contract with base manufacturers and conclude the contracts and improve practical produces
9. Assess students’ knowledge, give students final tests and help students to take “Holding medicine” test
10. Conclude and assess finalizations of trainings and survey questionnaire on students’ satisfaction
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