Financial and business service

Financial and business service

Financial and business service works with following duties. There are:

  • Define the budget for revenue, costs of the investment plan
  • Control it’s execution
  • Distribute the costs
  • Prepare financial statement
  • Provide information to management
  • Financial statements are ensured by independent audit
  • Inform to public
  • To provide true and complete financial information which provided demand to be made decision of foreign and domestic users, We provide the condition to affect efficiency for cost savings, revenue collection, make an economical proper decision, provide data to all workers and students fast, make the accuracy of the financial statements in reporting period, tuition information records /UNIFACE program/and accounting records /ERP program/.

We work following the rules approved by the Executive director of Monos Group, accounting and financial statement instruction approved by the Minister of Finance in order #77, 2012 according to tax law, Accounting International Standard and Accounting law in Mongolia.

Operational areas:

  • Training or academic continuous, regular work is provided with the business service strengthening school facilities in accordance with the modern demand
  • Provide financial stable operation, improving usage benefit, distributing assets properly and being responsible for registration, usage, the safety of school property.
  • Provide a comfortable environment for student, teacher, workers to study and work, decide their social problems step by step
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